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Parisian chic comes to you as the vocalist Magdalena Atkinson and the pianist Philip Clouts preform a varied programme of French Chansons and jazz standards

Jazz duo Magdalena Atkinson and Philip Clouts are performing with success since 2014 across South England, including Bridport Arts Centre (Feb 2015), Marine Theatre (March 2015), Honiton’s Beehive (Feb 2016) and French Twinning and Circles groups. We specialise in French Chansons and jazz standards, bringing our passions and talents to uplift and touch the emotions of our listeners. Our music can be enjoyed on its own, supported by stories about the origins of the songs and its artists or can be a perfect addition to the drinks reception or a sit-down party. We are available for concerts, parties and weddings throughout the UK.

Plans and dreams are growing! Thank you for supporting us!

for future concerts, contact us for more info & bookings:

10.02.17- Bridport Art Centre, Bridport

Valentin’s Day French Chansons Concert – Bridport

13.05.17 – Ringwood French Circle, Hampshire

05.08.17 – ONE WORLD FESTIVAL – Dorchester Borough Gardens 11-6pm

20.10.17 – Bradford Peverel Twinning Association